New Toko Waxes for 2013

Toko has unveiled a completely overhauled line of waxes this season and the changes are generating quite a bit of interest. Perhaps most exciting is the replacement of the venerable Dibloc race waxes with the new Tribloc waxes. These waxes have been tested for two-years, and were used on the World Cup last season. Where the Dibloc molecule had two parts, one hydrocarbon and one fluorine the Tribloc molecule has three parts – fluorine, hydrocarbon, fluorine. This means more fluorine content in the same amount of wax. In addition to increased fluorine content Toko is also using a harder paraffin in the Tribloc waxes. Over the last few years the very popular race service white and orange premixes have tested very well and are now incorporated into the Tribloc line. The white premix (a mix of blue/red) has become the hardness of the new red and the orange premix (a mix of red/yellow) has become the hardness of the new yellow. Expect improved performance across the board with Tribloc.

Longtime Toko users will likely have a quantity of Dibloc on hand, this is not an issue as Dibloc and Tribloc can be used together.

Toko Tribloc HF Waxes – Available in 40g or 120g

Toko Tribloc LF Waxes – Available in 40g or 120g

Part of Toko’s popularity is the simplicity of the system, just three glide waxes (yellow, red, blue) covering conditions from spring slush to teeth-chattering ice. In addition to these main waxes a black base prep wax is offered, this wax contains DLC (diamond like carbon) that increases durability and wax hold, it has antistatic qualities and is excellent at repelling dirt. This wax is an improvement over the Moly Base Prep of previous years. The black waxes are used as an initial wax layer, providing a foundation for subsequent glide wax layers.

Toko NF Waxes – Available in 40g or 120g

Toko has also introduced a revamped line of non-fluoro waxes, the NF line. These waxes replace the System 3 waxes and are the perfect choice for those looking for a high quality glide wax to use on a daily basis, or as training waxes. They are affordable and easy to use. They are bluesign® approved for a very high degree of environmental responsibility and safety, from manufacturing to end user.

Toko Hot Box & Cleaning Wax – Available in 120g
Toko HF Rub-On Wax – 25g

Rounding out the new wax line are two unique waxes. The first is a non-fluoro hot box and cleaning wax. This is a very soft wax with a low melting point designed to penetrate deeply into a base. Use it for initial base preparation on new skis, hot boxing or to clean bases using the hot scrape method (basically applying a layer of wax and scraping while still warm to remove old wax and contaminants from the base). The second is a repackaged version of the high fluoro rub-on wax. The new packaging is designed like a lip balm, simply twist the base and the wax extends. Very compact and pocket friendly, a great wax for second runs, junior racers or getting a bit more zip out of your skis after lunch!

That concludes the new goodies from Toko, we love trying new waxes and look forward to giving these a go this season!

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2 Responses to New Toko Waxes for 2013

  1. Andy says:

    This product doesn’t seem freely available in the uk. My daughter races and the wax makes a huge difference. Unfortunately we have to ensure all our servicing is carried out in France where they have more passion for skiing.

  2. John says:

    I have to agree with andy, Toko products are not as available as other brands, even though the quality is top notch. Would love to see more on the retail shelves.

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